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Marion Cotillard In The Dark Knight Rises

Good News Everyone!


We received the best Valentine’s Day present ever with the news from People Magazine, who got it from the French paper Le Parisen, that Marion Cotillard signed on to the production of The Dark Knight Rises this Saturday.  Other news outlets are a little more cautious, reporting that the actress and Inception star is merely in negotiations at this point and nothing is confirmed.  But, seeing as how Cotillard has already worked with Christopher Nolan, and it seems that she wouldn’t need to start filming until June, after the birth of her child, we have a good feeling about this one.

Of course, that has absolutely nothing to do with how Marion Cotillard is my first pic to play pretty much anyone in TDKR, Catwoman, Talia al Ghul, Lady Shiva, you name it.  So I don’t much mind that there’s absolutely no news so far about who exactly, Cotillard will be portraying.

The most likely role is that of Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s, who fans have been hoping would appear pretty much since Ra’s was announced to be appearing in Batman Begins.  Ra’s’ throwaway line about once having a wife in Batman Begins only solidified the idea that Talia might exist in this particular version of the Batman story.

But I wouldn’t be an annoyingly obsessed fan if I wasn’t hoping for a totally obscure character, and so now that we already know that Bane will be appearing, I’m holding out hope for an appearance by Lady Shiva, one of, if not the, greatest human assassins in the DC Universe, who kills primarily with her bare hands.  The person who Batman went to when he needed a crash course in martial arts after miraculously recovering from spinal injury.  Other than her deadly nature and stone cold personality, I’d be excited to see her on the big screen because she is one of the few female characters to wander into Batman stories who has never been a love interest for the Dark Knight.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out who Cotillard will be.

(via People.)

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