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Mario’s Voice Actor Has His Own Vine Account, Guess What He Does With It


For twenty four years, American actor Charles Martinet has delighted Nintendo fans with his jovial portrayals of Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth, Wario, Waluigi, and other characters in the Mario franchise. Now on his off hours, he’s further adding to his legacy by carrying action figures of the plumber brothers around with him and making adorable Vine videos of them. Isn’t the Internet a magical place sometimes?

Martinet’s Vine account was created last month on August 20th, and now he has about 4,888 followers at the time of this writing, which is obviously NOT ENOUGH. Look at this comedy gold he is churning out for you good people! I suppose we can take small comfort in the fact that his videos have been looped 4,468,842 times, so at least his adorable Mario figures are getting a tiny fraction of the attention they deserve.  

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