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Mario Golf: Super Rush Reveals Character Roster and Looks For Immediate Cosplay Goals

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This morning, Nintendo released an overview trailer to Mario Golf: Super Rush, a game that absolutely, positively, follows the rules of golf to a, wait for it, tee.

What? You don’t rush off to the next hole by surfing on a Bullet Bill? You don’t have special shots that can create a Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions moment?

Mario sports games continue to be the only sports I play, obliterating the line between “yes we are following the rules of golf” and “yes I just ran over you with a giant Yoshi egg in an attempt to get to the next hole.” In Nintendo’s overview video, we got to see an explanation of how to play the game, the special attacks, and new modes like Battle Golf which is sure to end whatever friendship you have remaining after playing a regular round of golf.

While the five-minute presentation offers some great insight into the upcoming game, there are two vital bits of information that have solidified my status as a wannabe golf enthusiast this June 25th.

  • The King Is Here! King Bob-omb Is a Playable Character!

Screenshot of King Bob-omb

Making his debut into the Mario world back in 1996 with Super Mario 64, King Bob-omb is, well, exactly what he sounds like: the king of the Bob-ombs. While not the most difficult boss out there, he was the first you encounter in Super Mario 64 and he’s been a favorite of mine ever since.

Despite his status as a literal king, he’s typically in the background of sports and party games when it comes time to gather for a round of tennis or golf or kart racing. You might see him as a statue or some sort of obstacle, or you might have to go up against him as a mini-game boss. It’s rare that he’s actually playable, in fact, I don’t think he’s EVER been playable unless if you count Mario Kart Tour – the mobile Mario Kart game. Today we found out that he’s more than just a large structure to maneuver around, he’s headed out to the green with everyone else!

King Bob-omb fans, our time is now!

In celebration of his royal status, it looks like he gets carried around by tiny Bom-ombs in the Speed Golf mode of the game, and I imagine his special attack is gonna be rather explosive.

  • These Outfits

Mario Golf Wario and Waluigi

In Nintendo’s obvious push to keep the Waluigi Supremacy going, we got to see his look for his golf outing (and footage of him twirling around on the court like the absolute icon that he is). Yes, Wario is there, too, looking like the uncle at the family barbeque who tries to tell your dad how to properly use the grill … without having grilled a damn thing his entire life.

Yes. Wario is the uncle that always finds something to criticize even if he himself is a whole ass mess.

I know I’m late to the party on this because these renders were revealed a couple of days ago, so please forgive me for not fangirling about it until now. That being said, Waluigi’s outfit is on an entirely different level. If Wario is the “arguing with your dad about barbequing” uncle, Waluigi is the “shows up late on purpose to make a grand entrance” uncle.

The hat with the rose tucked at its brim.

The striped shirt to compliment the purple.






Waluigi understands the assignment.

This is the most extravagant look he’s had in a game. Usually, he’s in his regular outfit, or that time he wore shorts for Mario Tennis Aces. The creative flare is all over this look and fits perfectly into my headcanon of Waluigi doing the absolute MOST when he shows up since it only happens in these sports outings.

(Also my girl Pauline is lookin’ good, too. Keep putting her in games, please).

Pauline in Mario Golf

Of course, the fun gameplay, the co-op, and the wacky battles are a major part of why this game looks like a good summer edition to my Switch library, but hey, the fandom bits with new playable characters and looks I wanna see cosplayed are just as fun as the game itself.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is available for preorder and will be out on June 25th this year.

(Image: Nintendo)

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