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Why I Have Hope for Seeing Mara Jade in the Season 2 Finale for The Mandalorian

Mara Jade ignites her saber in Star Wars Legends canon

If I’m wrong, this article never existed. Please let me mourn in peace. BUT I do have a feeling that we could see Mara Jade in the upcoming finale for Disney+’s The Mandalorian. Let me explain.

From the beginning of The Mandalorian, series creator Jon Favreau has been teasing Mara Jade. Last year, prior to the premiere of the show, I wrote about how Jon Favreau wasn’t opposed to bringing in EU characters (meaning characters like Cobb Vanth and, by extension, Mara Jade), but he didn’t want to hint at who that would be. So, why am I convinced that Mara Jade could show up in The Mandalorian’s finale? Because a Jedi needs to come for Grogu, and who better?

Mara Jade is an interesting character. A smuggler turned Jedi Master, Mara ends up marrying Luke Skywalker in the old Expanded Universe, and while we didn’t hear about her in Disney’s sequel trilogy films, that doesn’t mean she cannot be included. We didn’t hear much at all about Luke’s life between Return of the Jedi and when we see him in Force Awakens, with the exception of what happened exclusively with Ben Solo.

So, Mara Jade could have very well been a part of his life and someone the movies didn’t touch on. Plus, I don’t think that a Jedi like Luke Skywalker is going to roll up into The Mandalorian without us having heard about it. Seeing Mara Jade onscreen is something I’ve been eagerly waiting for. (Granted, I want to play her, but still, I’ll take her just existing in live action anyway.)

But the point remains: There has to be some Jedi that comes to Grogu’s aid. Sure, it could be Ahsoka, but that would make their trip to Tython literally pointless. Grogu wouldn’t have been captured if Ahsoka shows up to join him. (It’s a different story if Din goes to FIND Ahsoka for her help, though).

Whatever does happen in the finale of The Mandalorian, I know that if a new Jedi rolls up, I’m going to scream. There are theories about Mace Windu coming back or maybe Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker showing up, and if that’s the case, kudos to Lucasfilm for managing to keep all of THAT a secret.

The Mandalorian has done a great job with some secrets, and … not so great with others (like, come on, we knew that Rosario Dawson was Ahsoka the MINUTE it was announced she was joining the cast, and they pretended like we didn’t), so it is within the realm of possibility that we just … could be in the dark about who is actually coming for Grogu.

But, if my dream comes true, Mara Jade will show up and help Din Djarin with Grogu, and I’m telling you now, if any of you dare come for my girl, you’ll have me to answer to. Mara Jade rules, and she deserves her time in the live-action world. And hopefully, Favreau and company are going to give her to me.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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