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Manifesting Your Michael B. Jordan Destiny Apparently Works

Michael B. Jordan

Remember the girl who “photoshopped” herself into a picture with Michael B. Jordan? Well … she got a real one now.

When it comes to wanting Michael B. Jordan to be your boyfriend, Twitter user BeeBabs isn’t alone. She is, however, the first to manifest her destiny—sort of. Twitter brought two best friends together, and now, it brought Michael B. Jordan to Bolu. Using a photoshopped picture of herself and Jordan, she posted it on Twitter, asking the internet for their help making it a reality.

That led to a fun running bit between her and her Twitter followers, but no one was taking it seriously. So when, suddenly, she posted an actual picture of herself and Michael B. Jordan, we were pretty shocked.

She really did the thing! And to make it even better, Michael B. Jordan shared it and, apparently, had already seen the ensuing hilarity of her original post.

Bolu Babalola is an icon among us. She saw her shot, took it, and brought her dream into her reality. Because really, who wouldn’t want to manifest a famous boyfriend like that?

It is clearly quite the year for BeeBabs, because she tweeted about her very productive 2018.

A masters degree, a picture with Michael B. Jordan, and a novel coming out? She’s the queen of Twitter, and we’re here to praise her. Can’t wait to get the invite to their wedding. All of Twitter is invited, right?

(image: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Essence)

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