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Sometimes You Just Have to Manifest Michael B. Jordan Into Being Your Boyfriend

Look, The Secret tells us to put out our dreams into the universe, and that's what this Twitter user did.

Michael B. Jordan

Did you ever see something on Twitter and think to yourself, “I think I just found a new hero”? Well, that’s what happened to me when I saw what BeeBabs did.

A story made the rounds this weekend of two old friends finding each other through Twitter. They had met on a summer holiday back in 2006, and all they had was a picture of each other and their names to try to reconnect, and the internet came through.

So, when BeeBabs saw the story, she decided to see if the same thing could work for her, but she may have overestimated the internet’s powers just a bit.

Obviously, that’s Michael B. Jordan and a photoshopped picture, and Twitter called her out on that.

But BeeBabs didn’t want us to think it was a fake encounter. She wanted us to know the truth.

The bit continued on, with Twitter users sending in pictures of Michael B. Jordan’s roles and sharing where they think he might be.

Maybe he’s in a museum with a mysterious girl.

BeeBabs continued to play along, talking about how this was the man from her summer fling and that she really wanted to connect with him once more. Unfortunately, it became clear that he had quite the amount of ladies claiming that he was theirs. In fact, he and Tessa Thompson seem to be pretty close.

At the end of the day, one thing is clear: We’d all like to will a summer fling with Michael B. Jordan into existence, and if we’ve learned anything from Sylvia Wilson, it’s that there’s no harm in trying.

(image: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Essence)

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