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You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Display Case: Lego ‘Jaws’ Is Here!

Like everyone else, I love Lego and also the movie Jaws. In some stroke of fortune, both ideas are coming together in an upcoming Lego Jaws set.

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Jaws, which was directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1975, is widely considered to be the first summer blockbuster film ever made. Along with Star Wars, Jaws set the standard for all future blockbusters to follow. To this day, it’s still one of the most financially successful and beloved movies in film history. Several sequels were also released, but we don’t talk about those …

The 1497-piece Lego Jaws set has an early access release date of August 3, 2024, for Lego Insiders, followed by a general release date of August 6 for everyone else. The retail price is $149.99. To mark the occasion, Lego created a special Lego animated remake of iconic scenes from the film. The idea and design of the set come from Lego Ideas designer Johnny Campbell, whose 2022 submission was chosen to become an official model.

According to an interview with Campbell by The Daily Jaws, Campbell has been a Lego designer for years, having made model sets for Blue Thunder and Close Encounters of the Third Kind as well. Campbell describes the Lego Ideas process as follows:

Fan designers can submit their projects to the Lego IDEAS website, where there are many great projects. If a project reaches 10,000 supporters within the set time limit, Lego will review it for potential production as a real set. Fan designers must send Lego any instructions or plans for the model, after which Lego will assess if the project is suitable for production. Lego considers various criteria during the review period. Fortunately, the JAWS project was successful.

For those who would like early access to the set, you can do so by becoming a Lego Insider at Lego’s official website. The program is completely free and only requires making a new account. Once that’s done, you’ll start tracking points on every Lego purchase you make, which can be used to redeem rewards like discounts. You’ll also get early access to all future new sets a few days before non-members. If you shop at Lego often, there’s pretty much no downside to this.

Sign up for Lego Insiders Early Access or find more information here.

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