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Wait a Minute, There’s Manga In My Magic Deck

Sometimes, things get into other things that they don’t belong in. There could be a fly in your ointment or a bear in your oatmeal, for example. Well if you live in Japan, you could soon find some manga in your Magic: the Gathering decks. But here’s the thing. As bad as that idea sounded when I first heard it, I’m actually kind of a fan.

In a Japanese release of the Jace vs. Chandra Duel Decks, a popular Magic: the Gathering product, the art for the two titular planeswalkers will be replaced by surprisingly stunning manga versions of the two characters, which manage to stay true to the flavor of the original cards they’re based on very well. See the images below.

So yeah, actually pretty cool. Now, these two cards will be the only ones with changed art in this version. But after seeing how well they managed to pull these off, I’d be very tempted to see a manga take on the entire decks, or just a spattering of other classic Magic cards.

Even if nothing else comes of the manga art, the cards featuring them will become two more prized possessions in traders’ binders nationwide. Right next to those Russian textless Zendikar lands. Years from now, you’ll be thankful you saved those.

(Via Wizards)

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