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Everybody Knows That Zombies Get The Best Deals on Black Friday [Video]

Black Friday may have already come and gone in 2012, but for some of us, it will take a long time to forget what we saw. Whether you were trampled by fellow shoppers over doorbuster sales, yelled at by a stranger over a parking space, or the victim of a seemingly random act of deal-related terrorism, Black Friday isn’t so much a capitalist’s way of celebrating the holidays, as it is a harrowing event where you shop to survive.

It makes perfect sense, then, that zombies are rapidly gaining a reputation as the country’s best shoppers this holiday season. They have infinite patience, and can wait in line for days to get those coveted holiday deals. Plus, they don’t eat turkey at Thanksgiving, so they don’t have to deal with that post-holiday coma that keeps so many shoppers from reaching their true potential for insane, violent shopping. Some ads, like the one above, are even marketing directly to zombie market, which retail experts agree is this year’s “hit demographic.”

At least we know that, when most of have turned into flesh-eating undead roaming the wasteland, we’ll still have our priorities straight.

(via Official Comedy)

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