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Man Refusing To Clean the Litter Box for His Pregnant Wife Will Surely Make a Great Father

Yawning Cat

There are people in this world I will never understand. Those people are the kinds who hate animals. Frankly, I come from a household where my mother wouldn’t let me get a cat or a dog because she didn’t want them in the house, and when I finally got dogs, they had their space away from hers. So it took me until my adult life to get my sweet boy Benjamin Wyatt the cat, and I would die for him. If my future husband some day hated him so much that he refused to even interact with him? Well, I might be second guessing my marriage.

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In a new Am I the Asshole post, a husband shared that his wife was expecting their first child, and before they had a kid, they got a cat, but only because she begged so heavily that he finally just caved but refused to interact with it—and left all the caretaking to her. So first off, red flag because this man doesn’t like animals in his home at all. And I don’t typically trust those people (sorry, mom). But the fact that he was so aggressive about hating this animal prior to even meeting it … weird, my guy!

Anyway, when his wife got pregnant with their child three years into having the cat, she asked if he would please clean the litter box for fear of toxoplasmosis, which can be passed on to a baby while pregnant. Instead of being a decent man, he said no. He went on to research it and said she can just wear gloves, but like … in no way is this man not the asshole.

Just buy an expensive litter box then!

Putting aside my distrust of this man for his hatred of cats (I love my boy and anyone who hates him is wrong), there are options this man could have offered that would have solve their problem and not put his wife or child in danger. First of all, there are fancy litter boxes that clean themselves. Yes, they’re expensive, but it is better than your wife and child getting sick just because you can’t be bothered to clean a cat litter box.

The second option is get a service like Pretty Litter that gives you just enough for the one month and just throw the litter completely out when a new one comes, meaning that you have minimal cleaning in between and you can just simply dump the entire box and refill it. Or just suck it up for 9 months and be a team player.

My point is that this man and his hatred of animals makes him an asshole anyway, but pair that with his inability to change his ways for the benefit of his wife and child and this man is … well, an ass no matter what way you spin it. Hot take, but if you can’t do something as simple as cleaning the cat’s litter box, then maybe you should reevaulate how you want to function in your relationship and as a parent.

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