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Latest LEGO Movie Trailer Is A Dead-On Balls-Accurate Parody of Man Of Steel

It's an industry term.


Say what you want about the way the Man of Steel movie eventually turned out (and we know you already have, because you’re the Internet), but you can’t deny that Hans Zimmer-fueled first trailer was pretty badass. You know what else is badass? LEGO. At least, that’s what they want you to think.

It seems like Superman actually appears in The LEGO movie at some point, too because he arrives at the end of the trailer to tell everyone, “Great job, you ruined it.” We’re guessing he means the original Man of Steel writers, not the people who came up with this amazing trailer. Heck, they even got to keep the theme song intact, since Warner Brothers owns them both. And who said horizontal integration never did anything good for anybody?

(via NerdBastards)

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