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Stop Motion Video About a 3D Printed Princess, Looking For Love


To herald the arrival of their new bigger, two-color 3D printer The Replicator, MakerBot released a stop motion animated film about a 3D printed princess called The Right Heart. It’s even got a catchy tune, too. In the video, the princess goes looking for her missing heart, finding it in an unexpected place. It’s cool because the aforementioned princess doesn’t need rescuing, or someone else to (in this sense, literally) complete her, she goes out and earns what she’s looking for on her own. It’s a good message, and fits with the MakerBot ethos, as well — she didn’t receive what she wanted, she made it herself. But I can’t help myself feeling a little sorry for those fellas with their hearts on the ground. See the video, after the break.

(via The Next Web)

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