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Arya Stark’s Going To A 1960s All-Girls School

It is known

Watch out, classmates. Don’t make Arya angry! You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

Maisie Williams has signed on to the BBC Films flick The Falling, making her the latest Stark child to take a break from the death and destruction of Westeros. Via The Hollywood Reporter, The Falling, “billed as a dreamlike coming of age drama,”

“details the story of a troubled girl at the center of a mysterious fainting epidemic, who is determined to discover the cause of the malady spreading through her British all-girl school in 1969, a year when the whole world seemed poised on the brink of change.”

Sounds interesting. If it were Arya she’d have smuggled her sword into the school and would proceed to stab people until they tell her what’s wrong. But that’d be a pretty short movie, so the way writer/director Carol Morley has it planned is probably better.

The film also stars Monica Dolan (Never Let Me Go, Kick-Ass 2), Maxine Peake (Shameless UK), Greta Scacchi (Emma, Daniel Deronda), and newcomer Florence Pugh. It’s unknown whether Williams or Pugh will play the main character, but Game of Thrones fans will know that Williams has the “troubled girl” thing down pat.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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