Sophie Turner Joins Teenage Assassin Movie As An Undercover Agent

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Stark. Sansa Stark.

We previously told you about Barely Lethal, that movie where Hailee Steinfeld‘s playing a teenage assassin who decides she’s had enough of killing, thanks, so she’s going to fake her own death and enroll in a normal high school instead. The creepy sexual nature of the title threw me off, but I retain a glimmer of hope because A) the title is a pun, and I like puns, B) maybe the movie’s not bad and the title’s satirical? Like “You thought this was going to be a look-at-these-sexy-teens type of thing, but she’s actually just a badass killer who has no truck with the male gaze. In your face!” and C) Samuel L. Jackson‘s playing Steinfeld’s mentor.

And now we have another reason to be cautiously optimistic until we see the first trailer and it probably sucks: Game of Thrones‘s Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark, has joined the cast as an undercover agent who enrolls in Steinfeld’s high school to help capture her. Presumably her character will work for Jessica Alba, who’s playing Steinfeld’s former handler/current nemesis.

So. Sansa Stark and Mattie Ross from True Grit as rivals who will presumably engage in a fight scene or two in the halls of a high school, oblivious students looking on as they whip out some seriously intense moves. I’m envisioning Kill Bill meets Mean Girls, which is a shame, because nothing could possibly live up to that and I’m bound to be disappointed.

But I can dream.

(via: Deadline)

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