‘Magic: The Gathering’ Announces Crossover With ‘Doctor Who’ in Upcoming ‘Universes Beyond’ Set

In the Wizards Presents 2022 presentation, we saw the next year of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. This includes new versions of the core three D&D texts, and within Magic, we see tie-ins with Lord of the Rings, Warhammer, and Doctor Who.

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Magic: The Gathering is uniting with Doctor Who for a new Universes Beyond collaboration. The collaboration will include Commander decks, collector boosters, and Secret Lair drops that will encompass characters and creatures from the 60-year history of the series. I am already crossing my fingers to have a Martha Jones commander.

Art has already been released highlighting multiple Doctors and also the iconic TARDIS herself.

Doctor Who is a beloved series, and as it has grown increasingly popular in North America since the 2005 revival, it makes sense that it is prime for a crossover with Magic: The Gathering. This kind of crossover will bring other nerds into the fold while also appealing to a wide variety of existing fans. Plus, with Doctor Who having its own tabletop roleplaying game, there is a built-in audience to be excited about this.

From a deck-building perspective, it will be fun to see what mechanics will be introduced and can be turned into pre-existing decks. Will the Daleks and Cybermen be artifacts or Phyrexian? The Weeping Angels could be a white/black card with a kind of blink mechanic. The possibilities are compelling, with the team behind it, who have worked for years to make this come to life, I’m sure they will make sure it’s fun.

They will also include characters from recent Who, which means we could be getting the 13th and 14th Doctors.

Among the other interesting announcements, Wizards of the Coast unveiled the Magic: The Gathering set releases coming in 2022–2023. The Phyrexia story arc will continue with The Brothers’ War, releasing in November, then Phyrexia: All Will Be One, releasing in Q1 2023, and wrapping up with March of the Machine, a conclusion to the story, releasing in Q2 2023. March of the Machine: The Aftermath will tie up March of the Machine and analyze the changes that have taken place. In Q3 2023, players will return to Eldraine with Wilds of Eldraine, and the last series, Lost Caverns of Ixalan, will bring pirates, dinosaurs, and vampires into the fold in a different way.

A lot of fun is coming to Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering.

(featured image: Alexander Gering/Wizards of the Coast)

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