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Lynda Carter Voices Support for the Trans Community

There's a reason she's Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman 1984 smiling

Lynda Carter logged on to Twitter yesterday to share her support for the trans community, and it is something more celebrity “icons” should be doing with their platforms. There has been a constant wave of celebrities either mocking the idea of explicitly sharing pronouns or being full-blown TERFs (like J.K. Rowling has shown herself to be) ,and while other celebrities like Pedro Pascal have made their support of the trans community clear, there is still a horrifying state online where many take their huge following and spread hatred of an entire community for no real reason.

In a world where J.K. Rowling has consistently made it her mission to cause harm to the trans community at every given chance, it is wonderful to see someone like Lynda Carter using her platform to share her love and understanding. Carter, who has been the grand marshal of several Pride Parades and also has spoken of her support of the trans community before, tweeted about respecting trans people and affirming their identities in the midst of yet another TERF rant from Rowling.

To be clear, Carter doesn’t mention Rowling in her tweet. She just shared her support for the trans community in the latest wave of Rowling’s TERF ways.

Having Wonder Woman herself continue to use her platform for good and share her support of the trans community is something that I wish more celebrities would do. Yes, it does usher in the TERFs of the world to your mentions, but TERFs are causing actual harm with their viewpoints to the trans community, so using your platform to speak up for the trans community and show them your support is worth whatever little bit of TERF trolling you get for being an ally.

Someone like J.K. Rowling can log on the day a trailer is dropping for her latest film and spread harmful transphobic rhetoric to her 14 million followers on Twitter, and yet, there doesn’t seem to be anyone really counteracting her transphobia to their platforms. Having someone like Lynda Carter speaking out and continually doing so at last lets fans know that her support of the trans community is not faux activism and that she cares about those harmed daily just for existing.

Trans lives matter, and Carter is so incredibly right in this sentiment: “Life is just too short. I can’t imagine how it makes any sense to use one’s fame and resources to put others down.” Being there for the trans community means standing up for them whenever we can and it is nice to see Carter using her platform for good. If you would like, you can donate funds to the Transgender Law Center.

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