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Luigi’s Death Stare Is the Best Reason to Buy Mario Kart 8

In case you needed additional reasons.

[Update] The above video is now a compilation of all the Luigi death stare you can handle.

Luigi is a one-man kart-racing meme machine in Mario Kart 8. In several slow motion videos and a handful of facial expressions, Mario Kart 8 has taught us more about Luigi’s inner badass than any game he’s been in so far. As his “death stare” expression very clearly states: the year of Luigi’s not over, [email protected]$&ers. Screw fire flowers—he’ll burn a hole in you with those eyes.

If I buy a Wii U and Mario Kart 8, it’s all because of Luigi and the Internet. I’ve never been more excited about this game than I am right now, as I watch hilarious Luigi videos flood the Internet. You’ve won me over, Nintendo.

Finally, after all these years, Luigi has his moment to shine.

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Don’t let that smile fool you, though. Years of pent up rage at being the eternal understudy have made him stone cold ruthless:

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He doesn’t even care if it looks like someone else might have gotten the white-gloved upper hand:

Because Luigi is 100% pure unstoppable plumber. Bob-ombs? Get out of here with that weak s#@t:

He knows he’s hardcore, too. Just watch that look of knowing respect:

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This one is even better, if only for the look of absolute glee on his face mid-death stare:

The game has been out for mere days at this point, but the death stare is already growing into a full fledged meme with fan art and everything:

“Luigi feeding on your nightmares, as featured in Mario Kart 8 (Also check this one). Luigi really gets the right kind of attention these days!”

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“When you pass someone going painfully slow on the highway”

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I don’t know about you, but I know which character I’m going to use when the new Smash Bros. games come out. You don’t want to [email protected]%k with Luigi.

(via Polygon and Tumblr, featured image via CZbwoi)

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