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Learn All About Mario Kart 8 From Its Dedicated Nintendo Direct

Is there even going to be anything left to show at E3?

Nintendo is notoriously secretive about its upcoming games, but they’ve been making a push lately to show off more of their games in between big gaming events. Fans have already gotten an inside look at the forthcoming Smash Bros. titles, and now they’ve got over 30 minutes of Mario Kart 8 to show off before the game’s release next month.

When the game comes out on May 30, there will also be a bundle option with the Wii U for $330 that includes the game and a red Wii Remote Plus and wheel. If that doesn’t convince you to buy the same Mario Kart you’ve been playing since the N64 (albeit with prettier graphics), they’re also offering Wii Party UPikmin 3The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, or New Super Mario Bros U for free to anyone who registers Mario Kart 8 before July 31.

(via Kotaku, image via Nintendo on YouTube)

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