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Singing Zombies In Love [Video]

It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

This is why the Internet is sometimes truly excellent — a bunch of people had an idea to create an independent musical about zombies in love with a zombie killer who speaks in Internet acronyms and is vaguely reminiscent of one Captain Hammer. And rather than have it languish in someone’s closet after all that effort to bring it to fruition, it can be put on the Internet for all to see. Sometimes, this isn’t a good thing. But sometimes, it’s an awesome thing. And then it’s horrible again, because you’ll totally wish you thought of it first. So let us present Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story! Part one is embedded above, the second and third parts are after the jump. If you like campy musical comedies like Reefer Madness or Dr. Horrible, then this will most likely appeal to you as well. Fun fact, if this movie is indeed fact: Zombies, while undead, can actually sing in tune.

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Part Two:

Part Three:

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