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Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s an Insane Animation With Video Games, Rocket Launchers, Assassinations, and Love

We don't know what Tuzki is but we think we love Tuzki.


People have differing opinions about Valentine’s Day, but we think this video covers just about all of them. There’s a love story, an assassination plot, rockets, video games, satellites, ice cream, and Tuzki–whatever Tuzki is.

According to the email we got about this video from a Mr. Benjamin Yui, it’s directed by Julian Frost–the creator of that “Dumb Ways to Die” video that went viral and spawned many, many knock-offs. Frost worked with STUDIO4°C, the studio behind The Animatrix. As for Tuzki, Yui tells us the character is owned by Turner Broadcasting and is an “Asia-popular” character.

We’re not entirely sure what it is though. A bunny? Regardless, it’s pretty adorable/bad-assed and we’re pretty into Tuzki right now.

(via Club Tuzki)

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