Lost Records: Bloom & Rage featuring childhood friends Swann, Nora, Autumn, and Kat sitting beside each other and watching the sunset.

The Creators of ‘Life Is Strange’ Are Ready To Destroy Us Again

The familiar art style of Lost Records: Bloom & Rage is causing anticipation and joy among Life is Strange fans. But given its teaser during the Game Awards 2023, it’ll probably inflict more pain and tears on future players, as the game is produced by the brains behind Life is Strange, Don’t Nod.

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Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, is a story about four high school friends who reunite after two decades of no contact. Although, arguably, some relationships likely went beyond friendships in this group. Swann, Nora, Autumn, and Kat were depicted as being part of a backyard band. They were just normal teenagers who were exploring their youth and hanging out with each other, but one night, in a wooded area, they stumbled upon a pit that had a glowing purple light.

Needless to say, there were also details that implied a pivotal change in the friendship after running away from something in the woods. There was a fire, and it’s even possible that one of the friends didn’t make it while. The trailer cut off with, “It’s been 27 years. Why now?” Another voice in the group answered, “Because we made a promise.”

Nobody’s sure about what that promise is, and needless to say, it’ll be up to players to find out. Much like in the hit series Life is Strange, choices will determine the outcome of the game. It’s still unknown whose perspective will be taken on, but whoever it is, they’re likely to be plunged into a world of hurt

Players will never forget the doomed love of Chloe and Max from Life is Strange and the inevitable storm that was going to eat Arcadia Bay if choices weren’t made. Everybody felt for runaway brothers Sean and Daniel, whose young lives were tainted by separation and violence because of racism. Even the last game from the series, Life Is Strange: True Colors, made players feel pain by making them play as Alex, whose powers made her feel people’s emotions, to her own detriment.

If the Life is Strange series taught players anything, it’s that power isn’t without a tradeoff. Alex felt the need to make decisions for others because of her empathy. Daniel had resorted to using his power of violence to protect Sean and those he loves. Max, most notably, was damned to make the decision between the love of her life and her small town. All of this is to say that Lost Records: Bloom & Rage might not be a Life is Strange game, but we’re very ready to take it head-on like a champ. We’ve cried for the other games by Don’t Nod, and we’re ready to shed more tears once Lost Records releases later in 2024.

(featured image: Don’t Nod)

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