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LOST: The 8-Bit Game

Not only are we still undergoing serious LOST withdrawal, but we’re also big classic gaming junkies — which is why Adam Campbell‘s mockups for a LOST NES game were like a cool glass of DHARMA merlot on a hot summer’s day. We’re definitely getting a classic Zelda vibe here.

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Here’s Campbell’s mocked-up cartridge for the game:

Most recently, Campbell posted this excellent set of sprites of the members of the middle section of the plane: Click to see them fully-sized and animated.

This all is starting to look suspiciously like a true-blue playable LOST video game. When we asked Campbell via e-mail if he planned to make this into a game, he was coyly noncommittal, and left it unclear whether he was referring to more mockups or a game people could play: “There are plans, I’m working on stuff right now. Hopefully there will be more to see soon.” (He wrote this before he’d posted the middle section sprites this afternoon.) Regardless, we are jazzed to see whatever he continues to come up with, and hope to be repeatedly slashing a powerful but repetitive polar bear boss and healing with Apollo Bars someday.

(All images via Adam Campbell’s Flickr. h/t Boing Boing.)

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