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Oh, God: AMC Theaters Will Screen Director’s Cuts of All Three LotR Movies This Summer

It is a gift!

This summer, in honor of the release of the extended Lord of the Rings DVD sets on BluRay, AMC Theaters will be screening the extended director’s cut of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King for a week each, starting on June 14th.

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This almost makes me wish that I wasn’t going to have air conditioning in my apartment this summer. I need help. I really do.

Because if somebody doesn’t stop me, I will go see every one of these movies this summer. The voice in my head that says “You’re already going to be paying for so many movies this summer,” and the one that says “But your favorite way to watch LotR is half a movie at a time,” and “But you like the theatrical releases better anyway,” will be outweighed by the voice that says “When are you ever going to get to see them on the big screen again?”

Alternatively, maybe I could get a brave friend to come with me to watch an inevitable trilogy screening. Although AMC doesn’t say they’ll officially be running the movies back to back, surely a bunch of theaters will do it anyway. That might be an enjoyable way to spend a hot, sticky, summer afternoon.

And besides, when am I ever going to get to see these movies on the big screen again?


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