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In Times of Tragedy, “Look For The Helpers,” Says Mr. Rogers [Video]


Mr. Rogers

Normally we try to bring you the latest Internet video trend at the end of the day, but given the tragic events of this week, we’d rather pull out a classic. It’s easy to see frightening things happening in the news and lose faith in humanity. We’ve all probably done it at some point, but there’s something Fred Rogers wants you to remember when terrible things happen — Look for the helpers.

This clip was pulled from a much longer interview Rogers gave for the Archive of American Television. There are nine clips on YouTube that are all roughly thirty-minutes long. Rogers is an inspiring figure, so if you have four and a half hours to listen to him, you should. In case you just need a quick fix of something inspiring, here’s Rogers talking about something his mother told him when he was a boy:

Look for the helpers.

(via YouTube)

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