Sylvie pursing her lips in Marvel's Loki series.

It Seems Like Sylvie Was Right All Along

Whenever something has a payoff in a show a season later, it’s always pretty good, and that’s what happened in Loki, particularly in a throwaway line from season 1.

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Back when the only thing going wrong in Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) life was that the TVA was trying to prune him, he was learning a lot about who he was—well, who he was in other timelines, like how he and Sylvie were cut from the same cloth. Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) is also a variant of Loki, despite her refusal to admit it.

One of the things she claimed in season 1, though that we never really got to see it, is that she is “tech savvy.” When they have a TemPad and they’re trapped on Lamentis-1. The doomed planet is going to perish—and Loki and Sylvie alongside with it. While she tries to convince Loki that she could figure out how to get them out of this situation because she’s good with technology, he refuses to let her help, and it just gets them stranded there. He doesn’t take her “tech savvy” comments seriously.

For the most part, that’s the last we’d heard of it—that is until we got to season 2 episode 4, titled “Heart of the TVA.” With so much else going on, I didn’t expect a conversation from episode 3 of season 1 to be brought up again, and yet, that’s exactly what happened. But then again, I do think that all Loki variants act like Scorpios, so it isn’t surprising that Sylvie isn’t letting something like this go. When Loki finds a broken elevator at the TVA, he starts to run to the stairs, but Sylvie proves she was right.

Sometimes, petty fights happen because someone is right

One simple line of Sylvie proving that she’s the “tech savvy” one really did make me so happy. She fixes the elevator while Loki goes running around the TVA to get to the same location at the same time that she does.

Sure, Loki probably could have also wasted time figuring it out, and she did have to pry the doors open to get out, but that’s besides the point. The elevator worked for her because she’s good with technology and that’s just really fun to see after a whole season from that first comment. And knowing how Sylvie (and by extension Loki) thinks about these things, you have to imagine that it was weighing on her that he wouldn’t let her look at that TemPad back on Lamentis-1, so this little victory was exactly what she needed to prove herself. If the Temporal Loom hadn’t exploded, I’m sure she would have gloated just a little bit more.

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