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Loki Is Acting Like a Scorpio With a Crush

Disney+’s Loki has given Tom Hiddleston the time to shine as Loki Laufeyson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has also let us explore the god of mischief and his emotions on a deeper level than ever before, including making sure that he gets to unpack his feelings in his own way—which typically does mean not at all. Sure, in season 2, he is trying to move through them in a different way than he had been in the past, but he’s still just the kind of person who doesn’t necessarily express what he is thinking in any given situation outright. Instead, he’d rather lash out.

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That makes his feelings for Sylvie complicated because it’s two variants of Loki butting heads over how they feel about each other. What I really love about season 2 and how Loki is acting in his search for Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) is that he is going about it in a very Scorpio way. As a Scorpio myself, let me explain. When we have a crush on someone, the only thing we won’t do is really tell anyone that we have a crush on that person.

That’s exactly what Loki is doing with all the people in his life, but especially in this situation with Sylvie. Think about how you act when you like someone. I’m sure you tell your friends, and they help you approach your feelings and your interactions with them in a normal way and you move forward with those. Scorpios? That’s not what we do, not in the slightest. And while we do know that Loki’s sign is debated, with many believing his birthday is on December 17th (making him a Sagittarius), that doesn’t change how he’s acting.

Scorpios love to just talk about their crushes non-stop and act like that’s not what we’re doing

Loki and his forearms walking with Sylvie

Look, every crush I have ever had is obvious. You can tell that I like them. Will I tell you that I like that person? Absolutely not. I will just obsessively talk about them over and over again and wait until someone else figures it out. That’s basically what Loki is doing with Sylvie. Sure, they did kiss, so she does know he has feelings, and I still stand by the fact that he also wants to smooch Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), but how he acts with him is also very Scorpio.

All of this is very much giving me the vibe of someone who doesn’t want to put their feelings into the world because they know they’ll be used against them. Like a Scorpio. Yes, I know someone will say, “That’s not real,” and to that I say, “Say that to my Scorpio face.” I have always fallen into the Scorpio ways before I even knew what they were, and to see Loki reflect those same tendencies really highlights that there are just some ideas in the zodiac that aren’t as “nonsense” as people would like to believe.

So what we learned today is simply this: Loki Laufeyson has Scorpio tendencies, so would I probably give him a Scorpio rising? Yeah, that seems about right.

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