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‘Loki’ Season 2 Fan Theory Taps Into a Comic Book Romance

When it comes to Loki, a lot of fans are, rightfully, focused on the main plotline that centers around Loki, his relationship with Sylvie, and how the TVA fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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However, one of the bigger B-plots that ran through Loki Season 1 and 2 has to do with the MCU’s overarching big bad Kang the Conqueror or He Who Remains. At the end of Season 1, He Who Remains was murdered by Sylvie after she and Loki realized that he was the mastermind behind the TVA and the Sacred Timeline, which saw Sylvie be pruned from her home.

Before he was killed, Kang warned Sylvie and Loki that his death would result in various Kang variants descending on the timeline to wage a multiversial war and try to take over the various universes. Despite the ominous warning, Sylvie slaughtered him in his chair and unleashed the chaos of the multiverse onto the TVA.

Though Kang was, and still is, the big bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he will face off against the Avengers in their upcoming movies, a new fan theory may reveal a more human side to He Who Remains.

Reddit user u/futurific broke down their theory on how Kang is more human than we think writing, “The idea that the Kang Dynasty will involve an infinite number of Kangs fighting over control over an infinite number of universes sounds like a whole lot of nothing to me. But I think I see where they may be heading here, and if so, then I’ll be all in.”

The theorizing continued: “It’s not about control of the multiverse, it’s about her. The her being [Ravonna] Renslayer, the woman who existed and fell in love with Kang in one version of reality, the one version that Kang had to preserve at all costs, the one worth wiping out universe after universe to keep.”

Futurific goes on to theorize that the fate of the multiverse rests on if “Kang can accept that he may not get to keep her.”

This theory isn’t completely off base as, in the comics, Ravonna and Kang are lovers who fought in the multiverse war together. Ravonna did die for Kang in battle, but was brought back to life only to kill Kang because she was tired of him putting her second to his plans to defeat the Avengers.

The idea that the Ravonna’s Kang started the epic multiverse war to continue his relationship with her is interesting because the Ravonna we see in Loki is incredibly by the book. She follows all the rules, even if it means betraying her friends because she thinks her overall mission is to preserve the Sacred Timeline.

However, in the first episode of Loki Season 2, Loki listens to a conversation between Kang and Ravonna which suggests that the two have, or had, a very close relationship. If the show follows the storyline in the comics, or at least is in step with futurific’s theory, we could see Kang try to tear the multiverse for love, which is an incredibly human thing to do.

It was hard to empathize with Thanos in the Infinity Saga because he wanted to wipe out billions due to his own self-righteous idea of what was best. It would interesting to see an MCU villain be evil because he doesn’t want to lose the love of his life once again.

I mean, if you don’t fight for love, what’s the point of living?

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