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Actually I Think a Laser Wielding Armadillo Would’ve Been Perfect for Loki, but I Guess That’s Why I Don’t Write for Television

I wish to embody that much chaotic energy

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Spoilers for Loki episode 3

As if doubling down on what our Princess Weekes wrote about the Loki writers revealing the cool stuff they could’ve, would’ve, should’ve(?) done, Collider revealed another scene that almost happened.

This one isn’t critical to the plot (depending on who you ask) but it still sounds like it would’ve been a lot of fun, or at the very least, a lot of WTF IS THIS SHOW?!

Loki head writer Michael Waldron appeared on a recent episode of the Ringer-Verse podcast. When asked about things that were left on the cutting room floor (including the whole mischief aka sex bit and how, according to Waldron, a writer’s whiteboard being photographed can be a nightmare, lol), Waldron revealed a rather interesting turn episode 3 almost took when Sylvie was trying to look into Hunter C-20’s mind.

You can listen to the entire podcast here, but here’s the quote about Sylvie, the beach bar in C-20’s mind, and a… plucky armadillo?

“Once upon a time, the opening of Episode 3 – when Sylvie is attempting to infiltrate Hunter C-20’s mind – that actually turned into kind of a fight sequence where the TVA had defenses in place. So there are people in the memory, and the beach bar actually turned on Sylvie and were attacking her, and it got crazier and crazier – and there were little kids attacking her, and then I literally wrote in that an armadillo with a laser mounted on it comes [into] the beach bar and is firing, and Sylvie kicks it like a soccer ball out into the ocean. That was in a script.”


I’m here for armedadillo, okay? We got Loki alligators creating Nexus events because they f*cked around and found out from a neighbor’s cat, I think we all could’ve made room in our hearts for soccer sensation Sylvie versus laser critters.

Waldron revealed that Kevin Feige now references the cut scene as the bar for being too much, so hey, that’s something, at least. I choose to believe that Marvel writers simply whisper the word armadillo if someone pitches something that’s too off-kilter.

Waldron also revealed that, at one point, bandits were going to raid the train Loki and Sylvie were riding, one of them getting a hold of the TemPad and getting away via hovercraft – that is until Drunk!Loki tossed his dagger out the window like an absolute pro and nailed the guy in the back with it.

But back to this armadillo because I know that’s what you’re here for.

I honestly do like the idea of Sylvie trying to invade Hunter C-20’s mind and finding out that the TVA has such a hold over their agents that there are defenses in place in case anyone tries to, I dunno, do some variation of this:


The TVA is full of lies atop of lies, so it makes sense that they would take extra precautions to make sure their agents stay nice and oblivious to what’s going on. Of course, the armadillo angle is ridiculous (even if I can perfectly imagine Sylvie’s oh hell no face when she sees the laser power-up), but the beach turning against Sylvie would’ve been an interesting touch.

How do you deal with enchanting someone to find out information, only to realize that the group you’re trying to find out information for has already accounted for your attempt?

In hindsight, I do think having that bonkers of an image may have ended up downplaying the reveal of the best character: Alligator Loki. Because by then, we would’ve already seen a weird animal, so being introduced to another one might not have left as big of an impact as it did.


I will keep Gator-ki and Armedadillo within the beach of my mind palace until the appropriate fanart surfaces on the Internet.

(Image: Marvel Studios)

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