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Images of Spidey Villain Revealed at SDCC, Look Like a Batman Villain (and Rhys Ifans Was Not Arrested)


Obviously, that is not what the Lizard is going to look like in The Amazing Spider-Man. But footage of the villain, who will be played by Rhys Ifans, was revealed at the panel for the Spidey reboot … and we can describe it to you. The Spider-Man villain you see above? He doesn’t really look like that. And he’s “huge.” That’s about it. But also, contrary to rumors going around, Rhys Ifans was not arrested for smoking backstage at San Diego Comic Con. More information about fun Spidey things that didn’t happen after the jump! (But also, slight spoilers surrounding the Lizard are inside.)

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First, the Lizard. Sony has not yet released any pictures or the footage they showed to the panel audience, but Deadline was kind enough to describe it:

It looks really similar to Jim Lee‘s drawings of Batman villain Killer Croc. Imagine a CG version for Lizard. Very close. Yes, ironic that a Bat-villain appears to be the basis for a Spider-Man villain’s look.

Well, that’s interesting. Here is a pic of Jim Lee’s Killer Croc:

The images came from clips shown at the panel, one of which shows Dr. Curt Connors showing students — one of whom is Peter Parker — how he plans to regenerate his arm. Later, his arm is grown back, but looking, well, reptilian. And finally, after that, the Lizard in its entirety is revealed and is said to be “huge.”

And just as soon as we see the Lizard, you will too!

But in other news, there were rumors going around that Rhys Ifans was the subject of a “citizen’s arrest” after being “belligerent” and “abusive” to a security guard, but it turns out he just got into some minor trouble for smoking backstage. Sony issued this statement:

“Rhys Ifans was detained by Comic-Con security after a brief incident backstage prior to and immediately following The Amazing Spider-Man panel. Police were notified and a citation was issued to Mr. Ifans who deeply regrets this incident.”

This has been your anti-climactic Spidey news round-up!


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