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Ask a Mortician Covers Not Dissolving Your Grandmother in Acid, Other Pressing Concerns

Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

Who doesn’t need a little death in their life? If you’re not already following Caitlin Doughty and The Order of the Good Death, consider this your chance to catch up. A licensed mortician with a wry sense of humor and no fear of cameras (not to mention an endearing love of her cat), Caitlin has an interest in death and the death industry that’s as academic as it is professional. Determined to use her powers of morbidity for common good, she began the web series Ask A Mortician to do just what it says on the tin; answer burning (sometimes literally) questions about bodies, decomposition, funeral rites, exploding caskets, and yes, even zombies. Recently, she’s eschewed the longer, multi-question videos for single-question ones, meaning that AaM is more frequent. To our minds, that’s nothing but a good thing.

Go forth and be fascinated, by subscribing on to her YouTube, and checking out her trove of posts at Order of the Good Death’s main site.

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