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Lindt Chocolate Wins Earth-Shatteringly Important Rabbit Related Lawsuit

Not all that glitters is gold

Above, you can see the classic, trademarked look of the gold-foil wrapped Lindt chocolate bunny, perfect in its curves and wrinkles, ready to display proudly at any Monday-after-Easter candy sale.

And on the left is a gaudily wrapped imitator! Shamefully decadent in its very size, gazing upward to the pagan gods it traditionally the emblem of!

At least according to Lindt and Spruengli, who would like to keep their monopoly on “gold foil wrapped chocolate bunny replicas with red ribbons.” We’re not saying we agree or disagree with them, we’re just saying: Chocolate bunny lawsuit.

According to Digital Spy, the lawsuit leveled by Lindt against Austrian chocolatier Hauswirth has been going on for seven years. But the courts have decided in Lindt’s favor.

Says Lindt:

We hope the legal proceedings are finally closed with this judgement.

Says Hauswirth:

We are going to file an appeal because we continue to believe in our legal case and the rule of law.

Ah, hope springs eternal. There’s got to be some kind of metaphor there, maybe with some kind of fertility symbol, or a resurrection…

Eh, forget about it. As for me? You can get me either. It makes no difference, I don’t even like chocolate.

(via Digital Spy.)

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