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Life Sized LEGO Animals Invade The Bronx Zoo

LEGO animals have invaded the Bronx Zoo in New York, taking up residence outside the enclosures of their real-life counterparts. The LEGO animals include a tiger, gorilla, giraffe, flamingoes, and even spray toads and fish. The purpose of the project is to engage and educate children (and lets be honest, adults too) about conservation. In addition to grabbing the attention of zoo-goers, each LEGO animal is accompanied by information about the real-life animal it depicts, so the sculptures are both fun and functional.

The zoo is also providing LEGO activity stations in a series of classes so that visitors can try their hand at making a LEGO sculpture of their own. However, the activities are only available at certain times, so be sure to check out the zoo’s website before planing a trip. The LEGO animals are on display now and will be at the Bronx Zoo until September 30th. More pictures of the LEGO animals below.

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