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Woman Angry at iPhone Theft Responds With Kind of Racist Tumblr, Everyone Loses

For the record: "Unattended on a beach at night" is a terrible place to put anything you don't want stolen immediately.


A note to potential thieves — if you’re going to steal someone’s iPhone, delete the info on it after you do. Or at the very least, make sure you shut off the former owner’s automatic photo upload service. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming the star of a Tumblr making all your selfies and snapshots available to the whole of the Internet.

That’s how one anonymous Tumblr user responded to the loss of her iPhone, which was stolen when she was on vacation on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. (Yes, it was while she and her friends were drunk, swimming in the ocean, and had left all their things in a pile on a darkened beach. Why do you ask?) The thief — or someone who bought the phone on the grey market following the theft, a distinct possibility that seems to go unentertained here — failed to turn off the Dropbox function that automatically backs up photos taken with the camera. That means the iPhones owner — in addition to getting hit on via Facebook by the phone’s new owner, Hafid in Dubai — has access to every candid photo Hafid takes with the camera.

If you think that sounds like a perfect recipe for creating a website devoted entirely to mocking this guy and everyone he knows, of course you’re right. That’s the whole premise of Life of a Stranger Who Stole My Phone, a tumblr following the antics Hafid gets up to with his ill-gotten iPhone, from embarrassing poses to weirdly hitting on her friends with Skype. While the Tumblr isn’t totally without a chuckle-inducing moment or two – homeboy is all about taking some seriously douchebag selfies — it also has some pretty ugly, borderline racist moments that make it a lot less fun — like this one, posted a couple of days ago.

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 9.05.48 AM

Get it? Their clothes are different than my clothes, so GAY MARRIAGE! Comedy! In case you’re wondering, she also takes a dim view of the Arab tradition of eating on the floor. We’ve had tables for, like, ever, dudes. Get with it, am I right?

While it’s a bummer that this “little drunk girl” (her words) got her phone stolen, we hope it can act as an object lesson to folks in how not to act when on vacation. If you get hammered, go skinny dipping with your friends in the ocean, and leave all your worldly belongings unattended on a beach at night, there is a pretty reasonable expectation that your shit is going to get stolen, because of how dumb you just acted. That’s what happens when dumb tourists act dumb, and it’s why the people at the hotel don’t care about it too much. It’s the circle of life.

And if you have the opportunity to make fun of the person who stole your phone — or profited from it’s theft — on the Internet, hey, go wild as far as we’re concerned. But maybe keep the culturally insensitive gags to a minimum when you do? If not, the person you’re mocking isn’t the only one who comes out looking bad.

(via Life Of A Stranger Who Stole My Phone)

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