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Lex Luthor Stole 40 Cakes… Now In Actual DC Canon

And That's Terrible

Superman #709 came out today, and according to Dean Trippe‘s tumblr, it contains this panel, canonizing the definition of “forty” from The Super Dictionary, which states:

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When no one was looking, Lex Luthor

took forty cakes. He took 40 cakes.

That’s as many as four tens.

And that’s terrible.

If you aren’t familiar with Lex Luthor and his affection for cakes, allow us to enlighten you.

So yeah, The Super Dictionary was a child’s dictionary featuring various characters from the DC Universe explaining the meaning of various basic words. And then the internet discovered it. And they discovered how it defined forty.

And that’s terrible.

For an added bit of context, Lex Luthor was a ginger before he went bald. Hence, the panel from this week’s Superman is happening during Lex’s high school years, where he likely didn’t dress in a fuchsia unitard with green accessories.

Although that might explain what prompted his later anti-social behavior.

Now I just have one question for myself. Is an internet joke made canon worth $3 at Forbidden Planet tonight?

(via Full of Woah.)

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