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Let’s Start the Day With This Handy Guide to Shipping

Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow


Shipping. Oh, shipping. What a wonderful can of worms you are. The hours-long internet conversations, the GIFsets, the awkward pauses when we bring it up in the company of people who’ve never heard the word before. Youtuber Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) has his own take on it.

Now, we know a great deal of you already know more than your share about shipping. But no matter how many homoerotic Sherlock AUs you’ve “accidentally” found yourselves chapters into at 3am, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and think about what exactly it means. Or, when that fails, it’s nice to at least think about what that one line is that you’d never let fan fiction about yourself cross. For this guy that involves mistaking his favorite Pokemon.

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