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I Didn’t Expect to Ship Loki With Mobius M. Mobius Yet Here We Are

Guess I'm headed to ao3 after every new episode


Spoilers for Loki episodes 1 and 2

While Loki, as a series, has an unspoken model of expecting the unexpected, no part of me could’ve possibly predicted that I’d end up falling in love with the chemistry between Loki and Mobius. Two episodes in and I already have my primary ship, headcanons brewing in the back of my mind as I debate whether or not I wanna put them out there on the Internet or take my sudden Owen Wilson is a charming suit and tie wearing silver fox thoughts to the grave.

From the trailers, and from who was playing Mobius (again, OWEN WILSON, like, hi and hello?!), I expected the comedic banter, but what I didn’t expect was surprisingly insightful conversations about how the two view life, what they want out of it, and what could be a significant relationship for Loki—at least, this version of Loki, since this is fresh after the first Avengers.

While no one else in the building trusts Loki (for good reason), for some reason, Mobius is willing to take a chance on him. No one can fathom why he’d work with a Variant of the, um, Variant they’re trying to catch, but Mobius sees something in Loki, I guess? Or maybe he’s just tired of chasing after the same person and decides that the best way to catch a Loki is to use a Loki. Either way, I’ve always had the feeling that there’s a lot more than what Mobius is letting on in regards to how determined he is. Then again, after the second episode, maybe he really is content with his spot in life.

That’s when the shipping goggles were fully activated, because Loki is the polar opposite of Mobius’ “be happy that you have a life to live” mentality.

See, my shipping senses were tingling just a little bit from Mobius constantly going to bat for Loki. They got a bit more sensitive when he, basically, gave Loki a much-needed therapy session about why he does the nefarious things he does. Then cruised along for the cute moments of Loki fixing Mobius’ tie and ruining a perfectly good lunch, but then? We got the jet ski magazine.


That’s a ship right there.


As Loki talked with Mobius about why he even keeps a jet ski magazine if he never plans on riding one, the two began discussing life in general. Loki is very much of the “go out there and enjoy it” mentality while Mobius is very much of the “having a life is enough” camp. This is interesting to me because this Loki is pre-Ragnorok/death of Frigga/everything that led to him becoming a better person. This is still “I’m owed what I’m owed” Loki, the one who resents Odin for lying about who his biological father is and who would go on to attack New York and attempt to subjugate mankind. It must be interesting to be talking with someone who is fine with being the creation of “Time Lizards,” who is simply there to do his job, not at all question things, and be content with living his life this way.

It’s perplexing to Loki that Mobius isn’t at all bothered with the idea that he’s just here because someone willed it so, and he’s not meant to “disrupt the flow” even if there are clearly things he wants.

On the flip side, chatting it up with such a chaotic entity like Loki must be interesting for Mobius. Here’s this guy who finds the upside of visiting a literal apocalypse, who dances in the freedom of being able to do whatever you want. Loki would do it even if there were consequences (unless if those consequences affected him, of course), but when he finds out there are ZERO risks involved then he actually SMILES about Pompei, of all things. He sees such disastrous circumstances as a chance to live life in a truly carefree manner, something that’s never occurred to Mobius – at least, that’s what Mobius says. As Loki keeps poking at him you get the sense that his unpredictability is gonna rub off on Mobius.

While Loki sees Mobius (and the TVA) as these stiff rule-followers since they’re acutely aware of how time is supposed to flow, the truth is that Mobius is actually stepping way out of his preprogrammed comfort zone by wanting to work with Loki at all. Loki is a Variant by every sense of the word, and I think that’s why Mobius is so drawn to him. He constantly reminds us that he’s studied Loki, knows him inside out, and is clearly fascinated by him. Loki, as much as he bemoans the way the TVA does things, shows a sense of excitement when he’s working with Mobius to figure things out.

Lord help me I love these two together.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Loki veered off the path Mobius thought he had all laid out. I predict that this will lead to a lot of I told you so from Mobius’ colleagues. The question is, is Mobius gonna think that Loki is a lost cause, or does he still think it’s worth giving him a chance?

Either way, the ficspiration is undeniable after this last episode! Here are my headcanons thus far:

  • Loki finds an apocalyptic scenario near a beach or body of water so Mobius can finally ride a jet ski. Mobius is excited, but a little scared, because he’s never done this before. Loki tells him to live his life, after all, there are no consequences in that moment in time.
  • Mobius angsting because Loki betrayed them, knowing that he won’t be able to stop the TVA from “pruning” him on sight, leading to the two running into each other and sharing a moment before they have to become enemies. That moment includes Loki trying to get Mobius to come with him, see the joy in having an actual life that isn’t dictated by unseen forces, to live in a way that isn’t predestined by time. Mobius is too straight-laced, though, but at the end of it all he does, at least, get himself a model of a jet ski to keep at his desk.
  • Mobius knowing in his heart of hearts that Loki leaving is part of Loki’s plan. He has to deal with the naysayers but he can take it, he knows he’s right about this. Later, he’s absolutely proven right when Loki comes through in a beautifully over-the-top way because Loki is 100% that bitch.
  • Loki really wanting to turn his back on Mobius but damnit, he kinda likes him, more than kinda, actually, UGH when did Owen Wilson get so CHARMING is the question!
  • Loki turning his back on Mobius but leaving the latest jet ski magazine on his desk to show that he’s still fond of him/leaving him a lunch voucher since he ruined his meal that one time.
  • Mobius having to deal with the fact that it’s Loki’s destiny to die at the hands of Thanos and not wanting that to happen, grappling with his duty as a TVA officer and his feelings. Loki making the decision for Mobius and letting time play out the way it should so he dies. He realizes that this isn’t the first time Mobius has tried this whole “Loki catching Loki” thing and, honestly, this has been a bid to try and save Loki’s life because Mobius likes him SO MUCH. Loki’s charmed, but reminds Mobius that you can’t mess with time, actually smiling as he’s killed (only to return in a different incarnation, Mobius thinking he recognizes the person he passes by randomly after the dust settles, but he isn’t sure).
  • Variant Loki and Mobius have had several encounters since we know that this isn’t the only Loki Variant they’ve gone after. They’ve been, shall we say, interesting (evil, very evil, Mobius knows he shouldn’t but he’s already in Variant Loki’s bed so…)


I’ll be over here.

Looking for Mobius and Loki fanart.

Is there a ship name or…?


(image: Marvel Studios)

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