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How William Shatner Repeatedly Stole Leonard Nimoy’s Bicycle

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Leonard Nimoy was just being logical. On their lunch breaks from Star Trek, Nimoy would use his bike to peddle to the Commissary ahead of everybody else, eat his lunch, and then head back to the set so that makeup would have enough time to retouch his Spock ears without delaying filming. William Shatner, however, was not happy with this arrangement. “He’d get lunch ahead of everybody else; now these are important things!” shouted Shatner. So he did everything in his power to keep Nimoy’s bike away from him, from locking it to a fire hydrant, hiding it in a doberman-infested trailer, and (when Nimoy put his bike in his car for safe keeping) having his car towed. Watching the two bicker about their past on-set shenanigans is really adorable in a similar way to watching your grandfather bicker with his old war buddy.

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