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Leonard Nimoy is Very Sad That Fringe Didn’t Get Any Emmy Nominations

To Boldly Go

Emmy nomination time is tough for a lot of people. For sci-fi/fantasy shows, though, it can be a particularly irritating reminder of how underappreciated their work remains to be. This is something veteran sci-fi icon Leonard Nimoy‘s had to face for over fifty years. He’s being pretty vocal about it, too; the actor’s taken to the web to express his disappointment in Hollywood for snubbing Fox sci-fi show Fringe

There were a lot of painful snubs this year; Parks and Recreation for best comedy, Community for everything except a writing category, every cast member (except for Peter Dinklage) on Game of Thrones fore very major acting category. Fringe is no stranger to this; it’s on the snub list every year. So was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and so was, as Nimoy points out, Star Trek.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ shockingly thorough inability to acknowledge the innovation and work that goes into so many sci-fi/fantasy shows (in categories other than makeup and costuming, that is) has long been quite a sore subject for a lot of sci-fi/fantasy fans. It makes sense that Nimoy, who is most definitely a leader in that community, would be one of the first to the outrage. He’s been making appearances on Fringe as William Bell for years now.

No matter how much fun I make of the social network, I for one am glad that Twitter exists. Whereas once it was considered a faux pas for an actor to speak up about bad feelings about award shows and the like, Twitter has unleashed upon us a world where the creators and actors of shows can have (GASP!) just as many feelings as the rest of us. Which makes sense since, you know, they created so many of the things we have feelings about.

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