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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Quest Gets Even More Entertaining in Old-School Game

Fittingly, you will probably get 0 Oscars.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s quest for an Oscar has become a running joke, and now that joke is a video game, wherein you run. A lot. Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage is essentially the arcade game version of one of the madcap obstacle courses from Billy on the Streetwhich is to say it’s awesome and hilarious.

It’s also appropriately physically demanding, as you must alternately mash G and H on your keyboard to run across the red carpet as you chase an unobtainable Oscar, jump paparazzi, and race other actors for the Academy’s honor. Really, though, the controls might as well be the same as QUOP—not just because that probably be at least an equally accurate metaphor for Leo’s real life Oscar quest (sorry, Leo), but because you’re probably not ever going to get that Oscar in-game, either.

You will get to participate in humorous mini-games that have you crawling to your car while on quaaludes, acting harder, and writing your acceptance speech, not to mention one that pokes fun at the Academy for only nominating white people. Gotta go fast, Leo! Oscars aren’t exactly known for being quick, though. Maybe it’s time to put that vape pen down.

(via Buzzfeed, image via The Line)

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