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Spectacular LEGO Saturn V Rocket is an Unbelievable 19 Feet Tall, too Big to Fit on This Website

We’ve written about some truly great, and large, LEGO models here on Geekosystem, but this enormous 19 foot tall Saturn V rocket from Ryan McNaught is definitely raising the bar. Of course, that’s not too surprising if you consider he has one of the coolest job titles in the world: Certified LEGO professional (one of only 13 in the world). His model lovingly recreates the American moon rocket in some 120,000 pieces, complete with the iconic red launch tower and the astrovan used to ferry astronauts to their rides. Even more amazing is the fact that McNaught also modeled the rocket’s internal fuel tanks. Truly, this is a wonder to behold.

(Ryan McNaught via Brothers Brick)

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