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Woman Creates Resume in LEGO Form, Deserves to Be Given All the Jobs

I think we found the Special!


Everything about applying for jobs is not awesome, so Leah came up with a genius way to stand out from all the other minifigs and convince her dream agencies that she’s “the missing piece.” Master builders of the world, meet your competition!


Leah designed a custom minifig of herself in an interview suit and boxed two of them up as 3D resumes, then created instructions that listed her relevant skills and experience. Explains Leah,

I made custom instructions that highlight my skills throughout the build, but because it has multiple pages I didn’t take a picture. I then created a simple package design for the set with my extremely basic graphic design “skills”. I’ve only made two sets so far, this is really only for agencies that are dream opportunities, but I tried to customize each one based on the agency’s branding and colors. One agency specifically requested a persuasive advertisement, so I made an 11×17 poster to “advertise” my miniscale me as well as my skills!


Clearly, there is a Don Draper level of shrewd self-advertising going on here. Someone better have given Leah a job already! Lord Business, maybe you can pull some strings?


(via Boing Boing and Uproxx, images via LEGO Miniscale Resume and reddit)

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