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LEGO Milling Machine Cuts Handsome 3D Portraits

Proving once again that with enough knowledge and patience you can build just about anything out of LEGOs, Arthur Sacek presents his milling machine. Powered by the LEGO Mindstorms NXT programmable robotics system, the device can cut 3D images into blocks of floral foam. Incredibly, the only piece of this device not made from the interlocking plastic blocks is the drill bit used to cut the foam.

Impressive as his device is, Sacek still isn’t satisfied. He’s interested in retooling the device to work on other materials, and is particularly keen to add a direct link to a computer. With such a link in place, Sacek says this would become a true 3D printer. Speaking personally, I’d like to see Sacek get his device to cut hard plastic to craft more LEGO blocks and then link it up with this device. Then we’d have a never-ending production line of LEGO blocks! In short, perfection.

Be sure to read on after the break for video of the milling machine in action.

(image and story via How to Geek)

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