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MakerBot Made Out of Legos Makes Things Out of Legos

Will Gorman, who is obviously a high-level LEGO maniac, built a 3D printer out of 2,400 LEGO bricks and 9 Mindstorm NXT motors that makes stuff out of LEGOs.

The LEGO maker bot is hooked up to and takes input from a PC running MLCAD, a program that helps design LEGO structures, then builds the structure designed in the program from a large feeder that houses 1×2, 2×2, 3×2, 4×2, and 8×2 LEGO bricks.

Don’t worry, the big grey wall sticking out of the top of the machine is the feeder that houses all of the LEGOs and not a ridiculous design flaw or anything like that.

(BattleBricks via Engadget)

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