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LEGO Dragon Breathes Fire, Doesn't Afraid of Anything

It’s no surprise that you can make all kinds of crazy, intricate and ridiculous things out of LEGOs. This, however, marks the first time that I’ve ever seen a LEGO model literally play with fire. This dragon, built by Aaron Amatnieks, has some crazy internal piping that lets it be the coolest lighter, candle or flamethrower you ever seen, made out of LEGOs. It’s a small miracle that the blocks don’t immediately melt or set on fire, but given the force at which this little guy is belching up those flames, I can sort of see how he’s pulling it off. I think we may be coming up on the limit of new things that can be done with LEGOs. Quick, somebody get working on something that involves corrosive acid.

Check out Aaron’s gallery to see some more of his work.

(via Nerd Approved)

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