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Not From a Doctor Who Christmas Special: Family Creates 7-Foot Tall Lego Dalek

It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

Ladies and gentlemen, a Lego Dalek with a Santa beard. The Addis family of England have been putting together a massive holiday themed Lego creation every year since the birth of their first child in 1993. Why? Well…

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Says mom Catherine:

My husband and I loved messing about with Lego when we were children. Eighteen years ago some friends brought their children and some Lego round to our house to visit us and our new baby, Tom.

We decided it would be great fun to build something, and we realised we had a reasonable amount of bricks, so we started building.

The next year, we were all together at Christmas, and decided to do it again – and a family tradition was born.

Here’s some of the family’s other creations, each used as their Christmas card picture for the year. They’re still festive, but less Whovian.

This group of carolers showed up in 2003 and didn’t leave until January 6th.

This angel came by in 2006, but was actually pretty good on the trumpet.

According to the Daily Mail, this model of the Earls Barton Sexon Church and this nutcracker are both from Christmas 2008.

And presumably to take the load off, and as a symbolic plea for more red legos, this snowy mailbox with a letter to Santa was crafted for 2009’s holiday season.

(via Nerd Approved.)

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