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Here Are Some Things to Do With Leftover Wrapping Paper

It is a gift!

Consider this a pre-emptive strike against your impending post-holiday mess: Things to do with leftover wrapping paper. And we are here to help you, because whether it’s used and ripped apart or you’re just really not into wasting the scraps of paper that couldn’t be used for wrapping, there is, indeed, a use for your surplus wrapping paper. And if you’re wondering if Martha Stewart might be involved in this, you are going to be very, very happy after the jump.

Indeed, Martha Stewart has exactly 17 things to do with wrapping paper. Including running your paper through the shredder and using it to protect other gifts from turbulence.

And you might be wondering about our top pic, which looks like a bunch of crumpled up balls of gift wrap. Well, that’s exactly what they are — except that there are presents inside. Like cash, or small, sparkly things like jewelry or socks. (Sparkly socks.) Because Geek Mom does not believe in wasting wrapping paper. Perfect for things that didn’t quite make it into stockings. They even have a game for the Gift Wrap Balls:

[H]ave family members sit in a circle with the ball and a pair of dice. One player begins unwrapping the ball as fast as he can while the player to his left rolls the dice repeatedly until he gets a 7. When he does, the ball is passed to him to unwrap, and the dice are passed to the next player. Ripping and dice-rolling continues until someone finally reaches the prize and claims it as the winner.

And if you’re into origami, Origami Fun is an entire web site full of things to do with strips of wrapping paper. Including this festive dove:

There are also instructions for origami stars, for those of varying spiritual persuasions:

Either way, there’s no reason to throw away all that extra wrapping paper. But if you’re just not crafty … at least recycle!

(via Geek Mom, Martha Stewart, Origami Fun)

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