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Surveys Peg Which Pokémon are the Least Popular Across All Five Generations

With Pokémon Black and White releasing in early March, the Pokéworld has entered its fifth generation of Pokémon, unleashing almost 650 Pokémon into the digital wild. A series of five surveys–as Kotaku points out, with large sample sizes, one of which with over one million participants–have determined which Pokémon are the least-remembered from each generation. Each survey simply calls on participants to name Pokémon off the top of their head, records the percentage at which each Pokémon is named, then compiles the results into a handy chart that allows us to both simultaneously feel badly that not many people remembered Exeggutor, but also wonder why not many people remembered one of the most ridiculous-looking and ridiculously named Pokémon of all time.

Generation I

Marowak at 36.7%, Kingler at 35.45, Lickitung at 33.7%, Exeggcute at 31.4%, and Exeggutor at 31.1%

Generation II

Slugma at 37.1%, Shuckle at 35.9%, Magcargo at 34.3%, Qwilfish at 34%, and Corsola at 33.9%

Generation III

Chimecho at 41.3%, Crawdaunt at 41.1%, Corphish at 41.1%, Whiscash at 39.2%, and Barboach at 38.8%

Generation IV

Finneon at 38.1%, Lumineon at 37.9%, Chingling at 37.4%, Chatot 37.1%, and Mantyke at 36%

Generation V

Accelgor at 20.6%, Stunfisk at 20.5%, Elgyem at 17.7%, Amoonguss at 16.6%, and Beheeyem at 15.6%

The low percentages for Generation V are due to the game only being released for about a month in North America. Oddly enough, Pikachu was named 93.5%–not 100%, as one would assume–of the time in the Generation I survey, which has been taken by over one million participants.

(via Kotaku)

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