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The Last Starfighter Is Finally Getting Its Reboot on TV and… Virtual Reality?

Too bad an alien race doesn't desperately need someone to reboot things.


If there’s one thing the movie and TV industry loves more than a good reboot, it’s a good reboot with a wacky gimmick, and a TV show with VR elements sounds like just the right fit for The Last Starfighter‘s inevitable reboot.

The last we heard about a potential reboot for the 1984 film, original screenwriter Jonathan R. Betuel had refuted rumors that he was standing in the way of the project. Instead, Betuel merely hadn’t always known that the rights had reverted to him, and he’s been pursuing a new version ever since. According to Variety, he’s found it in a new TV series, Starfighter Chronicles, that isn’t necessarily a direct sequel to the original movie. Instead of being about a teenager whose skill at video games earns him a place fighting very real space invaders, the new show will supposedly about … alien police.

“It’s about instilling a moral code,” Beteul told Variety. It’ll also be about people using virtual reality headsets to check out their surroundings mid-space battle, apparently. “It’s a very interesting blend,” said Betuel. “The otherworldiness of it lends itself to VR.”

And his partners at agree. They’re hoping that Starfighter Chronicles is the big hit in terms of content that the already-amazing VR technology has been sitting around waiting for. It’s the one with the skills they’ve needed! The only one left who can save them. It’s The Last Reboot.

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