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Here Is a Large Hadron Collider Quilt to Keep Your Accelerating Particles Warm and Cozy

she blinded me with science

Art teacher Kate Findlay has a unique, mild obsession with the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator. And a couple of years ago, she took a sabbatical from her teaching job at a private elementary school to turn her passion into something downright beautiful and cozy — quilts! Come inside! You should totally see them!

Findlay, who says she’s “been living and dreaming and sleeping and eating hadron colliders,” would love to have a scientist scrutinize her quilts to see if there’s something she could have missed. But she has a few other projects in mind, too:

“I am delving into some of the concepts put forward by physicists about wave particle duality, supersymmetry, and string theory,” she says, going on to explain that she bought some fiber optic cable and is experimenting with sewing it into fabric. “There is so much more I could do yet with that subject matter.”

Another reason she chose the LHC as inspiration: she’s a little bit over the “pretty-pretty,” nature-inspired quilts that she always sees. Here are her science-inspired quilts, starting with “Hadron4”:

“The Alice Adventure”


“Does the Dark Matter?”

“Inner Eye”

The one featured in the top pic is “Atomic.”

(Symmetry Magazine via Neatorama)

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