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Kylo Ren Has His Own Reaction to the New Rogue One Trailer

And it's not exactly glowing.

Chills. That was the first and prominent thought I had while watching the new Rogue One trailer, which was released on Thursday for fans to pore over and geek out about. Several of us here at TMS proceeded to do both of those things, diving in to all the new story tidbits that flesh out a little more of the overall plot of the film.

We now have official-official confirmation that Mads Mikkelsen is playing Jyn Erso’s father, as well as what personally ties Jyn to the infamous Death Star weapon that the Imperials are in the final stages of preparing. If you search YouTube, it’s impossible not to stumble upon various reaction videos–but you’ve never seen a reaction vid like this before.

The team over at Auralnauts have released “Kylo Ren Reacts” videos before (here he is responding to the first Rogue One trailer), but this second reaction video basically consists of Kylo Ren snarking about the ineffectiveness of stormtroopers and saying what we’re all thinking–which is, “How did the Empire blow this? They had it all.” From “chicken-walkers” (Ren’s name for AT-ATs) to Darth Vader, how exactly did the Rebel Alliance even measure up?

To be honest, I’m surprised we didn’t get a shot of Ren reacting to the on-screen appearance of his own grandfather, but perhaps that means there’s another video to come. At least he didn’t devolve into slashing at things with his lightsaber again.

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